Op regelmatige basis sturen de kinderen mails naar ons om te laten weren hoe het met hen gaat.
Op deze pagina kan je een aantal van  hun mails meelezen.  We nodigen jullie uit om hen mee te volgen.
Alle mails van de kinderen posten is onmogelijk, want dagelijks zijn er contacten.
Ook willen we de privacy van onze kinderen en hun familie respecteren.  Brieven van hen zijn vaak erg persoonlijk en we willen hun vertrouwen, spontaniteit en openheid niet raken.
Sommige van hen zijn veel-schrijvers en anderen hebben moeite om een berichtje te sturen.  We doen ons best om jullie te laten proeven van hun leefwereld.
Ook al staat er niet meteen de naam onder van het kind dat jij steunt, elke brief vertelt een stukje van hun verhaal, samen op weg met het Sarmila-project.
 Brief opendoen 2 - sponsors
Srijana (25/12/2014):
                MERRY CHRISTMAS....
                           MERRY CHRISTMAS......
                                          MERRY CHRISTMASSSS........
Days are so cold ....and there are no festivals here in nepal but i know  there is christmass .....and you are enjoying christmas time....so i wanna add little happiness and joy in your chirstmass time ...
So wishing you merry christmas....
Hope in  this christmas...santa  brings lots of happiness, joy and lovely days ahead.....and fulfill all your wishes comes true....
*:) happy*:) happy*:) happy*:) happy
with love,
Shreejan (24/12/2014):
Dear tintin
Warm greeting in cold weather and warm hug.
i am fine. i am waiting  to final exam of 6th semester which was going to mid of January. and i am preparing for that exam.
how r u?
Anjana (17/12/2014):
respected Tintin, Hilde, Yet & Marc
its long we exchange our e-mail. 
how r u doing with our work? how  r u?
all good, right?
umm here we are also fine. my mother has little pain in her stomach and is doing medical test but yet nothing is diagnosed
and commng .to the point , i had the result of the previous semester (4th) yesterday. the result was unexpectedly good yet it was poor than that of my previous result. 
this time i could not score grade A
i got grade B. i could not score well in  subject Psychology. if u remember there was strike on the exam day. 
however i scored 3.36 GPA this time. you know this time only 50% students from my college cleared the semester. this semester has always been a tough semester. all the teacher said so.
moreover all the students and i had done my best effort but........
anyway i will keep my hard work and do my best again 
hoping to hear from u soon
yours child
Anjana prajapati
Shronim(Sujan) Tiwari (09/11/2014):
Hello Tintin,
Yesterday Marc came to visit us. Marc brought a pair of stick and grant it to both of my parents. After they got it they became really very much excited and happy. They tested it and stick was very comfortable. It also had different types of tips. Among them rolling tip was very unique .They can use it in plain road and others tips in other road which are not plain. By seeing all this my parents were very proud of you for providing stick for them. They heartly thanked you and also missed you and i also want to thank you. HAVE A NICE DAY.
                        THANK YOU
Shronim(Sujan) Tiwari
Juna (01/11/2014):
dear tintin
I feel really so happy of there weather. and please wear warm clothes. All the works are not so easy so hilde feel tired. She needs rest. and let her sleep dont disturb her ok its so bad because tintin when i do alot of work and feel tired and i sleep for an hour and if someone disturbs i feel really so bad hehehehehe……so. Its beem do long i havent go out but i will be out may be 2 days after that time i will meet manisa and talk about the subject matter… tintin i today i went to khwopa college for entrance exam. i did it well. tomorrow at 10:00 there is result. and after next day there will be interview. i will inform you whether i pass or not soon...

About tara she has mail you through her new mail id. she has may be 3 or 4 month to go because she has train or 1 year and after that she will get certificate.

Anita says that she is studying bbs in same college that she has been studying since 2 year.ok i will inform her ti mail you..
Sujata (29/10/2014):
Dear project team,
I feel so happy to get response frm you. ya, it is true, admission fee is Rs.16,210. Actually in previous mail, there was miscalculate of amount for do admission because where i went cyber to mail you, there was keyboard which words n numbers were not so clear due to this there was miscalculation of amount. once again here is details
- admission fee:Rs.16,210
- for books:Rs.2500
- for college dress clothing n sewing:Rs.5000
Grand total amount:Rs.23,710

and ya, i got the marks of X+II N i m sorry for late
- english:64
- account:55
- biz math:46
- biz studies:62
- economics:51
thank u so much for your permission to study in khowpa college n for ur best wishes
Lots of love <3 and hugs 🙂
yours sujata
Sujata (05/10/2014):
Dear project team,
How r u ? I hope u r fine there in belgium. we(me, mum, supria n lazarus) all r fine here. Winter is cuming soon, in early morning n in evening it's cold. i m so happy to say tht i succeed or i passed the +2 (higher studies) now i would like to study BBS. We (mum n me) told tintin i would like to study BIM (Bachaelor in information techonology) when he was here in Nepal last time bt when we went to search the college of BIM we got to knw tht it was quite expensive so i would like study BBS.
Thanking u, and we love u all n miss u 🙂 <3
 your sujata n her family
Bikesh (10/09/2014):
Dear tintin

I am very unhappy to inform you that my father is no more.It has hurt me a lot. I am so alone.......My father has been my strength, source of encouragement, inspirator but i loose him. my mother is also alone and i she is till now she is unconscious my responsibility that i have to handle all the rituals. During the treatment of my father there was so lack of financial problems. we take loans from others and my mother salary was not enough to handle the situation.

After  death also we have to perform some ritual which we have to do for many days may be one month.I have no job and now my mother is not able to go to work she needs some time to handle herself. so would you please help in financial support...please...its really hard for me. i am waiting for prompt reply