Dear project team,
How are you? we hope u all are fine there in Belgium.After big earthquake,we all are fine and good but lazurus is sufferring from common cold because we have to stay outside to be safe. Our bhaktapur,many temples,monuments are destoryed because of earthquake.we can't believe that we are saved when we rememeber  about last saturday when earthquake happened we feel so terrrible and sad because many people had lost their family,their son,husband,mother and their houses so we feel so lucky that we didn't lost anyone because of ur prayer and because of god grace.
Nowdays in Nepal and Bhaktapur ,life is really hard and struggle  to survival because no job, no money,no food,no water. And here is another problem also happen  that is because of earthquake, many people are death   due to this many disease is occurs like virus we can't go anywhere  we can't think how to survival here??? Many difficuties to stay here and we have nowhere to go also and we heard in news that again earthquake can come so please pray for us and for our Nepal also.......
We love u all  
and miss u alots
Hope to see you again in Nepal and Bhaktapur   Steun het Sarmila-project Nepal zodat deze mensen hun huis kunnen heropbouwen: BE43 0003 2589 1001